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Each course is taught using online call tools (Skype and Zoom). At our school, one of our business philosophies is to correct economic and educational disparities. In order to provide students with a fair and equal opportunity for education, we set tuition fees according to the financial situation of each family. Admission fee is free. Based on the above tuition fees, we offer a 1,000 yen discount for those whose annual household income is 8 million yen or less, and a 2,000 yen discount for those whose annual household income is 5 million yen or less. Families who meet these criteria and would like to receive a tuition discount need to submit a withholding tax slip. If you do not hold a Japanese bank account, tuition fees can be remitted through international money transfer (we only accept remittances through either PayPal or Wise). Handling charge incurred when using international money transfer will be levied on students Thank you for your understanding.

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We offer TOEFL/IELTS courses. This course is primarily aimed at junior high school and high school students who are preparing to use test scores of these examinations for their applications. For any school applications, applicants' English proficiency is measured based on TOEFL/IELTS. In recent years, students' English proficiency has been an important factor in determining their admission.


Instructors at ERIG had experience taking these examinations and all of them received more than 110 points, so we can expect students to improve their scores. In addition to improving fundamental abilities in the four sections (reading, listening, speaking, writing), we teach tips for getting higher scores on exams. It is also possible to teach based on the textbooks that students usually use. Please try our free trial class once.

Eiken course

Tutors at ERIG also provide instruction for Eiken test. This course is primarily aimed at a wide range of age groups, from elementary school students to high school students. For elementary school students, we familiarize them with English through the Eiken test. This will help children acquire English skills that will enable them to keep up with classes without any problems when they enter junior high school, which will lead them to acquire more advanced English skills in the future. Students with high Eiken proficiency level may be given preferential treatment in high school and university entrance exams, so preparing early will give you advantages in admission.

Our instructors hold English proficiency equivalent to pre-1st grade/1st grade and they are able to provide instruction for all certification levels. We will steadily improve your English skills, focusing on vocabulary and listening skills. Please try our free trial class once.

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Remedial course

Lecturers are capable of teaching remedial courses. This course is primarily aimed at middle school to high school students who find school classes difficult to understand. We handle a wide range of fields, from reviewing contents of regular classes to preparing for assessments. 

We have instructors who have completed Japanese education courses and other instructors who have graduated from international schools overseas, and we value the diversity of our instructors. We hire instructors who are deemed suitable based on the student's weaknesses and we will do our best to help them achieve their goals. Please try our free trial class once.


​SAT/ACT course

We also offer an SAT/ACT course. This course is primarily aimed at students who are aiming to enter prestigious universities in Japan or universities abroad. In general, SAT/ACT scores must be submitted in order to apply to the universities listed above, and it is important to obtain a high score to increase probability of success in admission.

SAT/ACT mathematics tests basic knowledge such as linear algebra and geometry. Getting perfect score is plausible by thoroughly reviewing these areas and solving past questions. Getting high scores on Reading/Writing/Science (ACT only), which are considered relatively difficult, require time to accumulate necessary knowledge (vocabulary, grammar, and other important knowledge). Once your knowledge is established, you can gradually improve your score by solving problems and getting used to the question format. Our tutors have received more than 1450 points on the SAT. Please try our free trial class once.


IB course

IB course is offered to students. This course is primarily aimed at high school students who are taking IBDP courses at international schools in Japan or overseas. A wide variety of subjects are studied in the IBDP curriculum. We will provide instruction according to the student's courses (For certain subjects, our instructors may not have taken the course and may not be able to provide instruction.If you wish to receive instruction, please let us know your subjects in advance.)

In order to aim for a high score in IBDP, you need abilities to understand the content and to apply knowledge to solve problems.All the current tutors at ERIG who received IB diploma have obtained more than 40 points on the final examination and have strengths in scientific subjects. Please try our free trial class once. 

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                   Statements of purpose course

We offer a course for correcting the statement of purpose. This course is mainly aimed at high school students who are preparing to enroll in universities in Japan. The statement of purpose has become an important element in the current entrance exams for returnees. Students are required to write a concise and logical explanation of why you are applying to a particular university and department. We also support corrections of statements of purpose written in English as well as Japanese.

Our school has many instructors who have experience in the entrance exam for returnee students and the September entrance exam. We will consider what kind of structure and experience stories we can use to convince readers, and proceed with corrections. Please try our free trial class once.

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Email newsletter service

Our school offers an e-mail newsletter service. Once a month, we will send you information related to the entrance exam. We visit specific universities, high schools, and junior high schools and interview students and school officials. We plan to update the content according to the requests of parents. 


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