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Greeting from the representative

Hello! This is Kiyoyasu Takechi, the representative of the ERIG. Thank you so much for showing your interests in our service. I will briefly introduce myself first. I used to attend a public elementary school in Japan until the age of 12. Then, I moved to Thailand and lived there for seven years due to my father's job. In Thailand, I studied at a local Japanese school for the first three years, and attended an international school for the remaining four years. I am 20 years old and currently enrolled in Waseda University's Faculty of Political Science and Economics.


I feel that I had a very unique experience, especially at an international school. Even if countries have problems in diplomatic relations, people of those countries don't care about each other; in fact, Japanese students get along with Koreans and Chinese (of course, they get along well with people from other countries as well), everyone is asked for their opinion, not speaking up is treated as if they are absent, charity work is given as much importance as studying, and if you do not engage in charity work, you will not receive a diploma. 

As I went through this experience, the question stuck in my mind : "How can I share this kind of experience with as many people as possible?'' By sharing my own experiences, I think people can imagine what kind of experiences I have had. However, the true nature of an experience cannot be understood unless individuals experience it in reality. While thinking about this, I thought that by expanding highly qualitative education, more people could make contact with foreign cultures and enjoy valuable experience that can only be found overseas. We believe that by improving students' English skills and academic performance, they will be able to absorb as much valuable experience as possible while living overseas.


We established ERIG as a sole proprietorship in August 2023. We hope that through tutoring at ERIG, students will become interested in the unknown world and explore their own path. The representative and instructors will do their best to achieve this goal. Thank you very much for your support.

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