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Feedback from students/guardians

Thankfully, we receive superb feedback from students and guardians. We will share feedbacks given in recent tutoring. We keep inspiring students to pursue our principles.


Mrs. I (Malaysia)

My 13 and 11 year old children started attending an international school after being stationed overseas with no English skills (currently 14 and 12 years old). It was extremely difficult to keep up with classes at school, and that's when I met ERIG. It has been three months since we have been under the care of Mr. Aso, and since the beginning, the children have been happy after every class, saying, ``Mr. Aso is amazing!'' and ``I can now understand!'' Most of all, I find it very helpful that I can request custom-made lesson content. Children come home every day with a lot of things they don't understand. Since there are so many things that are unclear at any given time, the almighty Dr. Aso is a very reassuring presence for both parents and children. Depending on the children's English level, he approaches the lessons from both Japanese and English, and in addition, provide feedback not only to the children but also to their parents with points and advice on how to master the unit and the English language itself. Mr. Aso is too super! I can't stop admiring it every time at my house. Aso-sensei, who studied at an international school when he was the same age as my children, has become a mentor to my children and they look up to him. Thank you for your continued support.

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